“PaulO knows how to touch people by the emotion and expression on the canvas”…


Every look of a person tells a story. Look through the eyes into the soul of the human being, transfer it to the canvas and thereby touch the viewer.

 “It's nice when people stop and watch and let the Art 'come in'”, that touches him again. "Making Art should be felt, not explained". It is up to the viewer to explain what they see.


Even though he does not paint purely realistically, the expression is much more than a photo, without losing the essence.


Every artwork by PaulO contains a heart, obvious or not so obvious. Search for it....

He is guided by what he sees in a facial expression, nature and current events. From this flows an inspired action and thus arises the extravagance that characterizes his style.


By discovering colour combinations whilst designing and rearranging gardens of various properties, he discovered that painting was his passion. He intuitively paints with freedom the beautiful colours from nature to the canvas. He also commissions portrait paintings, where his unique colourful style and gracefulness will be on full display.  


In the last year he has been in high demand to exhibit. PaulO is also a well-liked guest on Radio, podcasts and TV shows, where he talks with passion about his work and exhibitions. There are also a number of interviews in newspapers about his Artwok and passion. 


Are you looking for a unique piece of art? Then get in touch to become the proud owner of a PaulO's 'One and Only'.